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This is the Web Site of

Herbert Ellebruch

Here I will distribute descriptions and programs I have originally written for my own usage.

I hope other people will find them useful too and will use them.

The following is actually available:

Handwriting Recognition for Wacom Inkling Sketches

This program analyses inputs from the Wacom Inkling device. The result is available in the clipboard in RTF format and than can be copied into other programs..

The following could be an interesting variation for places where you have to fill out a paper form.
The people fill out the paper form with the wacom inkling pen, and than the result can directly be accessed by the computer.

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Wacom Inkling WPI File Format

A description and C++ Routines for the Wacom Inkling WPI File Format. The routines can read strokes from a Wacom Inkling WPI File without any prior conversion. The Wacom Inkling distributes its result via USB in a file structure. So the strokes also can be accessed from Linux.

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